About Max

Hello! I'm glad you found my writing out of the many blogs out there. This blog is created on the last day of 2016, to journal down the journey to my financial goals.

Why I started this blog?

I started working on this blog with the hope to gain greater clarity to my current plans towards financial independence, while at the same time, reaching out to help like-minded readers achieve their retirement goals.

So far, writing has also allowed me to try something new, and to add colors to my ever-routine lifestyle of work-sleep-work-sleep.

I am not a professional blogger

Yes, I am just a typical young adult holding a typical 9 to 6 (on paper) job. This is my first job upon graduation from local university few years back. My academic performance on linguistics has been poor as far as I could recall, so do pardon me if I am lacking in any ways. For what I lack, I hope to be able to make up with useful content presented in the Engineer way.

My Financial Philosophy is

To achieve financial independence as early as possible. I believe that decisions made today will have an exponential cumulative effect for the future, either by slashing years off the working phase, or by improving the lifestyle one can enjoy upon a fixed retirement age.

Simply put, I strive to optimize the returns of my assets, cash savings and CPF savings. by making calculated financial decision.

'Is my CPF achieving its fullest growth potential?' 'What should I do with my extra cash?' These are the kind of questions I would like to find the answer to.

More about me

Home is ... a 30 year old HDB flat
Age is ... younger than the flat
Love is ... Miss J :)
One 2017 financial goal is ... to save $54.5k (compared to $49.1k in 2016)
New skills I am currently learning are ... concise writing, profitable trading

Are you ready to begin your financial journey?

Based on my estimation, I am planning to achieve financial independence by the age of 40. Is this a realistic goal? I think so, what about you?

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