Saturday, 31 December 2016

First post on the last day of 2016

Hello Everyone! This is my first post on this newly created blog.

Why I started this blog?

As a wise man once told me, "if you can't write down your ideas/ plans in words, then you don't know what you are thinking/ doing". So TA-DA! I hope this blog created using my precious New Year Eve holiday will guide myself towards my financial goals (more on this in upcoming posts). At the same time, it will be heartening if my readers will be able to benefit from my writing.

What are the content in this blog?

This blog is created mainly to record the financial goals, plans and decisions in my life. These includes:
  • Managing my expenses without compromising lifestyle quality and life experience
  • Planning my savings for mid to long-term milestone
  • Investment strategy on my stock portfolio
  • Optimising CPF for retirement and housing
I will also focus more on the considerations made (the 'why', yes I am an Enginner) to certain plan/ decision, rather than the actions (the 'what') I took. After all, who cares if I top up $7k to my CPF. I believe readers are more interested in the what is in it for me (WIIFM principle), which I will try my best to explain in my posts.

How frequent do I write?

Having read some personal finance blogs myself, I think there is a delicate balance between quantity and quality of the posts. Personally, 3-4 posts monthly seems about right for me to create posts with enough depth. 

See you guys in 2017

That's all for my virgin post. Feel free to add any comments below for suggestions on my first writing. Happy New Year everyone!

Upcoming posts

1. More about myself - posted on 6 Jan 2017
2. My financial milestone towards financial freedom
3. My financial philosophy
4. Review of year 2016 and goal setting for 2017 - posted on 1 Jan 2017
5. Review of my 2016 stock investing performance
6. Why do I top up my CPF SA using cash
7. Big spending - Invisalign

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